Young Lex’s “Office Boy” Is the Hottest Indonesian Trap Song You’ll Hear All Day

This article originally appeared on VICE Indonesia.

Indonesia’s own trap star Young Lex is back with another hustlers’ anthem with a uniquely Indonesian twist. The drug game may by the key to riches in the US—it’s what puts the “trap” in trap, after all—but here in Indonesia, the game is more about slinging cups of coffee and pushing brooms than slinging keys and pushing weight.

While other rappers may wander down this well-trod path, regardless of whether they know their Pyrex from their GORE-TEX, Young Lex keeps it real with a high-energy banger about rising from the position of Office Boy to owning the whole damn office, boy.

So we get fire like “After school working as an Office Boy! / Look at you now with your own office, boy!” and “We come from the bottom, boy! / It doesn’t mean we’re low, boy!” (Note: We translated those lyrics).

Young Lex gets a lot of mileage out of that “boy” rhyming trick, but, honestly, who cares? Where else are you going to find a trap song that name drops Zainal Arifin, Citibank Indonesia’s Office Boy-to-vice president superstar?

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