Yes, This Is a Video of Two Older White Gentlemen Doing Grime

Do me a favor and just watch the video at the top of the page and then we can have a chat, OK?

You done? Good. You’ll now understand that your life has two distinct parts: before you watched the music video for “Shut Ya Mouth” by rising grime duo Pete & Bas, and after. What I mean is, there was a time when you—blissfully ignorant, like a spring lamb—did not know a world wherein a grime track made by two old Cockneys wearing suspenders and fedoras, who look and behave as though they may have known the Kray twins, featuring ‘bars’ such as “Look in me eyes / I ain’t here for the pork or the pies,” existed. And then, well. Then there is now.

It is difficult to know where to go from here. This weirdly doesn’t feel like the sort of grime pisstake that older white people usually engage in? They actually… seem quite serious, and their respective flows are… not bad? All we know so far is that this video was first uploaded by the people behind Sindhuworld, an Instagram-famous London corner shop that released a music video last year and fully confused one of VICE UK’s writers in the process. How are Sindhuworld and Pete & Bas linked? Where did this idea come from? Who exactly put Pete & Bas (& a Mercedes) in front of a camera and atop a synthy beat? And more importantly: where is the Fire in the Booth? Answers immediately, please.

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