Yanni And Laurel Halo Finally Break Their Legendary Silence About “Yanny Or Laurel” Meme

If Grimes and Elon Musk broke the internet, Yanny and Laurel are here to absolutely demolish the remains. Those seemingly meaningless names took the internet by storm yesterday and will likely linger until the next meme circulation cycle. The question of “Yanny or Laurel” is kind of like the audio version of “the dress” meme, which appeared black-and-blue to some and gold-and-white to others. Similarly, this polarizing audio clip sounds like “yanny” to some and “laurel” to others. The controversy has torn families apart.

New-age composer Yanni and experimental producer Laurel Halo have remained curiously silent about their names being exploited in the digital battle…until now.

Halo was less than pleased, tweeting, “fight me” to anti-Laurelists. She seems to be, understandably, Team Laurel.

Yanni, on the other hand, roots for his namesake party.

They’re not the only artists reacting to the debate. Sufjan Stevens even re-issued Carrie & Lowell under the new name Yanny & Laurel.

i can’t be the only one from r/Sufjan

The battle continues, but the following clip has provided some common ground.


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