Tennessee made it illegal to use your phone in a car without some form of hands-free device about a week ago. There’ve already been distracted driving laws on the books and texting while driving, but this went a little further and it’s of course completely ignored.

Last night I witnessed a phone zombie exit the interstate, stop at a red light, make eye contact with the person legally crossing at the intersection, look down at her phone, look at oncoming traffic, look back down, and proceed to gun it running into the guy who rolled off the hood before she sped off.

The person who was hit could have ended up hummus

Don’t be a phone zombie. I know people are still going to text and drive and check everything on their phone regardless of what the law says because you think you’re completely capable, and many of you are, but if I could please get you to consciously not look at your phone if there’s another human around that you could squish I’d really appreciate it.

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