A white pair of headphones on top of a stacked red and then brown book against a slate grey background with the words Outstanding Subscription Finds in white lettering below I know many of you have subscriptions to services like Scribd, Kindle Unlimited, or the Audible Romance Package.

And I know there are a whole lot of books to discover, and more options being added daily, if not hourly.

So I wanted to ask on a semi-regular basis: what books, audiobooks, or other romance reading have you discovered recently in your subscription that you’d recommend to others?

We have some suggestions for you, never fear!

Sarah: As I mentioned in this month’s Whatcha Reading?, I’ve been trying to listen to more of the Audible Romance Package offerings.

Right now I’m delighted by Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston, to the point where I’ve paused all my podcast listening to enjoy this book while I walk the dogs each day. Do I make a silly fool of myself laughing out loud while I walk? Yes. Yes, I do.

On my wishlist, I also have The Coincidence of Coconut Cake, by Amy E. Reichert, which is part of the Romance Package.

Amanda: I’ve mentioned some of these before, but here are my audio recs. All of these are part of the Audible Romance Package.

I talked about Wanderlust by Lauren Blakely in podcast Episode 292, Amanda and Sarah Visit With Audiobooks. It has dual narrators, Grace Grant and Richard Armitage.

Sarah: Important details about this book from the podcast transcript:

Sarah: Time out. Are you saying that Richard Armitage speaks French in this audiobook?

Amanda: A little bit, yes. [Laughs]

Sarah: Oh my! Okay, please –

Amanda: English and French.

Sarah: – please continue this. This, this seems to be important detail that I would like to know, yeah?

Amanda: Oh, yeah, and, and when it’s from his point of view and he’s telling us what the heroine is saying, what Joy is saying, he’ll slip into an American accent –

Sarah: [Laughs]

Amanda: – so American, British, and a little bit of French.

Amanda: Yup, important details.

I also recommended in that same podcast episode and later reviewed the audiobook of Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen.

And one more: How to Date a Douchebag by Sara Ney. That was recommended in a Whatcha Reading? post by Jen M. Yes, this is another dual narrator romance!

This one reminded me a bit of She’s All That. Warning: the hero is yes, “a douchebag” as the series name suggests, but most if it is just a front for a lot of things I won’t spoil. The heroine is “buttoned up” but that’s also a front. The first book deals with the hero and heroines outward personas. It’s just a fun listen, IMO.

Sarah: Obviously, we’ve talked mostly about the Audible Romance Package, as that’s the service we use most often.

Because of the volume of books I receive from other sources, a KU subscription hasn’t made sense, but I keep my Scribd subscription because many of the books my kids love are available there.

What about you? Did you find an excellent book inside Kindle Unlimited, or Scribd? Is there an audiobook you were delighted by in the Audible Romance Package? (And is there a subscription I’m blanking on? Probably.) 

What outstanding subscription finds have you discovered?

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