What Are the Best Canisters for Keeping Coffee Extra Fresh?

Making a great cup of coffee at home has plenty to do with buying excellent beans, but after that, it’s crucial to consider how you store them. “The right storage vessel can definitely extend your coffee’s shelf life and keep all of those delicate flavors and aromas ripe and fresh for another week,” said Andrew Ho, the food and beverage manager at Ferris and Paper Coffee, both at the Made Hotel in New York. “Maybe two weeks, if you’re lucky.”

To find the best storage options, we turned to java savants like baristas and coffee-shop owners, who gave us their picks along with some added advice: Buy whole beans instead of grinds and re-up weekly. “We recommend buying coffee like bread, keeping it fresh weekly and using it frequently to avoid it going stale,” says Peter Longo, owner of Porto Rico Importing Company. Other coffee pros even espouse the benefits of the packaging that high-quality beans are already sold in. Some of those — plus the best glass, stainless-steel, plastic, and ceramic canisters — are all below.

The very best coffee canister

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