Watch Jeff Sessions Get “Nervous” When He Can’t Answer Kamala Harris’s Reasonable Questions

During his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, Jeff Sessions refused to answer several questions because he was “protecting the right of the president” to invoke his executive privilege. When it came time for Sen. Kamala Harris to question Sessions, she decided to ask the attorney general if he had done his homework. “Did you not ask your staff to show you the policy that would be the basis for you refusing to answer the majority questions?” she asked at the beginning of an intense back-and-forth.

Sessions would not directly answer the question, and Harris tried to cut through his rambling, causing the attorney general to become flustered. “I’m not able to be rushed this fast,” he said. “It makes me nervous.’’ Eventually, Sessions said he had consulted with his staff before the committee moved on to questions from other Senators.

“It was a simple question. Can Sessions point to the policy, in writing, that allows him to not answer a whole host of our questions today,” Harris tweeted shortly after questioning Sessions. Watch the full exchange below.

Thumbnail image: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images.

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