VOLUM, the blockchain ecosystem for enterprises, recently got engaged with ISBG, a global wine and spirits producer, to streamline its supply chain process. It is set to use a track-and-trace platform to digitize the workflow and decrease traditional paperwork. VOLUM is partnering with ISBG to implement its “Track and Trace” platform – using its operational smart contracts – into its sales and distribution process.

VOLUM has developed a Blockchain framework that converts traditional paperwork into a digital process, whilst securing all the operations across the company’s business. It exploits Blockchain technology with an ecosystem that is specially developed for farmers, manufacturers, distributors, public utilities, governing agencies, financial institutions, and IoT data hosts. It offers complete transparency, full-length security and simplifies workflow processing allowing enterprises to install “track and trace” platform using smart contracts and blockchain validation. Moreover, enterprises can easily access all the functionality from a single dashboard – so they can track and trace their business data, view smart contracts, and oversee the progress of the whole supply chain.

ISBG will incorporate the VOLUM platform into its supply chain process to distribute its alcoholic beverages, and distillery products to ensure simplified and reduced paperwork, that is also transacted safely and in a timely manner. VOLUM has a diverse portfolio of companies that are using its platform for a trial period, which includes firms like bottle manufacturing, healthcare, construction, import and export, and liquor brands.

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On this occasion, Arnaldo Detrés, Co-Founder of VOLUM said:

“We’ve created an entire ecosystem in which various industries can execute a supply chain process at the same time digitizing myriad of procedures using single dashboard. We’re very proud to announce ISGB as our first portfolio company to successfully install our blockchain technology, and look forward to helping them achieve optimal revenue and customer satisfaction.”

Further, Alonzo Pierce, President, and Chairman of ISBG mentioned:

“We will incorporate VOLUM into our supply chain system and use its technology as a combined method of blockchain and enterprise innovation that will result in both customer and revenue growth. We’re ready to employ this accelerated pace of paperwork processing alongside the tracking and tracing of product distribution that we operate globally.”

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