Virustotal Redesign and new tools Sneak Peek

Virustotal, a service that Google acquired years ago, will get a facelift and new features soon according to a report on Bleeping Computer.

The redesign, which will go live in the coming months according to the report, is a work in progress. It has been specifically designed with responsiveness in mind, which means that the interface adjusts itself automatically to the screen size of the device that is used to access it.

A sneak peek version is available which anyone may use to test the new design and functionality. Without going into too much detail, there is a lot, and I mean a lot, of whitespace and large fonts on the site right now. It seems to be broken on Internet Explorer right now, but displays fine in modern browsers.

Take a look at the screenshot below to see the new start page of Virustotal.


One difference to the old Virustotal is that there is no URL tab anymore. It is unclear at this point if the feature is removed permanently, or if it is just not included in the demo.

You may run scans just like before; either drag and drop a file on to the interface, or use the file browser.

The scan results page has been redesigned as well.  You get a one-sentence summary of the scan result, e.g. “one engine detected this file”, or “no engines detected this file”, which the old version did not have.

There is also a new “community score” metric listed on the page which seems to be based on community member votes (you can vote safe or unsafe).

virustotal scan result

Bleeping computer reports that Virustotal will get two new tools for Virustotal Intelligence users.

Virustotal Graph allows you to explore data visually. It produces a “the relationship between files, URLs, domains, IP addresses and other items encountered in an ongoing investigation” when run.

Virustotal Monitor is the second new feature that Google will integrate in Virustotal. It is designed for software developers, and enables them to upload their programs to the service to a “private storage space”, to have it synced with the developer’s software repository and get regular scans of the packages.

Virustotal informs the developer when one of the supported engines flags the software program so that it is easier to address the issue.

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I don’t think that design is the most important aspect of a service like Virustotal. I do prefer compact over endless whitespace though, and think that the new design is blown out of proportions, at least on my full HD monitor.

The two new security features sound nice, especially if they will help software developers make sure that their programs are clean and that antivirus solutions don’t detect false positives.

Users who dislike the new interface can use the Virustotal service through programs such as Process ExplorerCrowdInspect, or the official Virustotal Uploader.

Now You: What’s your take on the redesign and new features?


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Virustotal Redesign and new tools Sneak Peek


Virustotal, a service that Google acquired years ago, will get a facelift and new features soon according to a report on Bleeping Computer.


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