Two Wheels Café Brings Dedicated Gluten-Free Kitchen to Downtown

Downtown has a new quick-service breakfast and lunchtime destination that stands to be the first of its kind in the neighborhood.

Open as of late April, Two Wheels Bakery & Café’s primary differentiator is its dedicated gluten-free kitchen, where owners Susan Adamucci and Lisa Biggs turn out a rotating selection of baked treats like scones, cupcakes, quick breads, and whoopee pies, as well as savory, substantial fare like wraps, salads, and quiche.

Save for the doughnuts and bagels—specialty items the owners source from The Baker’s Daughter of Buffalo—nearly everything at Two Wheels is made in house, including two daily soups and all salad dressings. And every day, sweet and savory vegan and vegetarian options abound.

It’s all part of Adamucci and Bigg’s efforts to cater to as broad a swath of the gluten-free population as possible—a demographic for whom eating out safely can prove challenging.

“If you’re very sensitive to gluten, cross contamination is a big deal, and that’s why it’s important to have a dedicated space,” Biggs explained. “There are other gluten-free bakeries but not a whole lot of places where you can walk in and eat anything on the menu.”

The peace of mind that engenders is especially personal to Adamucci, who adopted a strictly gluten-free lifestyle a few years ago to help manage the symptoms of an illness that left her nearly immobile. The turnaround in her health has been significant. Where joint inflammation once made walking a challenge, she now moves with ease. In fact, she may be more fit than ever. Now, it’s not uncommon for her to go on 40-mile-plus bike rides, and for that she credits removing gluten from her diet—hence, the café’s cycling-themed name and logo.

Photo: Two Wheels

It was enough to inspire Adamucci and Biggs, both hobbyist bakers, to begin developing gluten-free recipes in their spare time. Eventually, they came to supply the local Perk’s Cafés with baked goods. And two years ago, they walked into the Ellicott Street space that would one day house Two Wheels.

Two Wheels officially open just a few short weeks ago with a menu of breakfast sandwiches, egg dishes, focaccia, deli sandwiches, Public Espresso coffee, and a temptingly diverse pastry case with goods. As the operation finds its legs, the owners plan to introduce daily specials and a more diverse array of gluten-free vegan and gluten-free dairy free options. In the meantime, Adamucci and Biggs are happy to accommodate custom orders.

Two Wheels Bakery & Café | 435 Ellicott Street | Buffalo NY | (716) 370-1505 | Facebook

Tuesday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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