Trenchgrinder’s ‘Peace Is Forefeit’ Is a Triumph of Death Crust

Look, I get it. You miss Bolt Thrower. I do, too. You’d be hard-pressed to find any serious death metal fan alive who doesn’t secretly hold out hope that we’ll see another album (or even just a song!) from the monarchs of old school death in our lifetime; icons are icons for a reason. However, if even the existence of bands like Memoriam, Hail of Bullets, and still-kicking OGs Benediction can’t assuage your desperate need for artillery-blasted death of a certain vintage, New York City’s Trenchgrinder will be more than happy to serve as your guides to no man’s land.

For the past seven years, Trenchgrinder has served as a unique cornerstone of the New York death metal scene, bridging the gap between gore and grime as only a bunch of punks playing metal can (the band is formulated with members of other local faves Anicon, Mutant Supremacy, Skullshitter, and Attake). Their new album, Peace Is Forefeit, is a monument to the twin aural horrors of old school death and stenchcore, executed faithfully and with exacting precision. The battle-hardened guitar tone whips up stirrings of honor, valour, and pride; a fine coat of crusty grime covers everything, as charging riffs and rumbling drums ooze with poisonous discharge and Rundquist’s strangled howls and guttural roars claw through the murk. It’s a true triumph of death, one that’s all the sweeter given how long it’s taken the band to commit its atrocities to tape.

Recorded in 2016 by Anicon’s Nolan Voss, engineered by Jamie Uertz, and mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, I feel comfortable predicting that Peace Is Forfeitwill go down as one of the ugliest and most satisfying death metal releases of the year.

Listen below, and if you’re anywhere near NYC, be sure to catch it live at the band’s release show with Aura Noir, Couch Slut, and Funeral Leech at The Knitting Factory on October 17.

Kim Kelly is yanking the Killchain on Twitter.

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