These Revealing Photos Of Good Dogs Show Their True Inner Selves

Los Angeles lifestyle and dog photographer Alicia Rius has spent her career finding new ways to capture the unique personalities of the animals she photographs.

Her new “A Dog’s Life” series does that in a surprising and effective way: By immersing the viewer in the dog’s own world through the lens of objects and possessions that closely reflect his or her personality.

Just like people, dogs form attachments to the objects that fill up their lives, and the way they interact with those objects provides an insight into each pup’s lifestyle and personality that goes beyond anything a traditional portrait could accomplish.


Photographer: Prop Buyer & Stylist: Alicia Rius (Instagram: @aliciariusphoto)

Prop Stylist Assistant: Emily Baker

Digital Technician & Lighting Assistant: Alex Kapustin from Rig Studio L.A

Animal Handler: Rachael Green (Hollywood Animals)


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