The Rec League: Oblivious Wooing

The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old bookThis Rec League comes from our very own Elyse, who was inspired by a particular scene she recently read. And of course, a new catnip was discovered and she wants more of it.

Elyse: So after completely falling in love with Felicity on Arrow and also reading Look to the Stars, I want a smart, slightly awkward heroine who doesn’t realize she’s being wooed.

There’s a great part in Look to the Stars where the hero is like “I was courting you.”

And she says, “Wait, is that what you were doing?”

And he’s like, “Well now I feel super bad about myself.”

Amanda: I feel so bummed out because I can’t remember anything I’ve read that has this.

Then again, I’ve been traveling and my allergies have made an awful appearance.

SarahGirl from Mars by Julie Cohen ( A | BN | K | iB ) is like that, as is the Six de Los Reyes book, Love and Other Chemical Reactions.

Does anyone know of a similar romance with a heroine who’s oblivious to being wooed?

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