A while back I decided to discontinue this blog. The new
wineanorak is in a magazine format, and now it’s mobile responsive and modern
and the right sort of home for all my writing. Time, I thought, to let the blog
die. After all, blogging is dead.

For a number of years, the blog had sort of taken over from
the main site, but not completely: I’d decided to keep the two running together
for the sake of having somewhere to park longer articles. But because the main
site was still static html (I know!), it became much easier to update the blog.
So stuff that previously would have been posted on the main site became blog
posts. This is the trouble when you’ve been going for a long time: you end up
with a site structure based on artefacts.

Now I have got the main site going well with some great
content and a sensible structure, I’ve realized that there’s nowhere for the
personal stuff – the sort of quirky content that I think added something to
wineanorak. It made it human. Authentic. So I think I’ll start posting stuff
again to this blog: things that don’t necessarily fit with a serious, wine-focused

So the blog is reborn. It won’t be for everyone, I know. But
I will share stuff: what I’m up to at the moment, a bit of commentary, things
floating around my mental space, and maybe the odd bit of personal stuff. If
you like to read this sort of thing, then welcome. If you don’t, you can stick
to the main site. I understand. We’ll see how it goes.