The big little MeeBlip triode synth is $99.95 for just a few days

Sometimes big sounds come in small packages. And so if you’ve been waiting on picking up our open source MeeBlip triode hardware – don’t wait past Tuesday.

We’re down to final stock on this run of MeeBlip triode. Now through Tuesday night midnight, you get the latest MeeBlip triode for a preorder price of US$99.95, plus shipping. It’s our award-winning, unique-sounding synth with an analog filter – and we’d bet you can’t get anything like it for this price.

(Ships in 3-5 weeks, direct from our Calgary, Canada workshop.)

MeeBlip’s small size, easy controls (via MIDI or your hands), and grimy-good bass sounds mean it’s built to be added to other rigs. We’ve seen it making live bass lines, augmenting a KORG minilogue, doubling a 303. Pairs well with others, that is.

Here’s the incomparable Lisa (Noncompliant) trying it with Elektron’s Digitakt for the first time:

And here it is doubling Roland’s TB-03 and TR-09:

So get yours now.

We ship to most locations worldwide. That’s what allows us to offer pricing like this – shipping directly from where we make and test the synths to you. Shipping and taxes / import duty may apply.

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