October 16, 2017 guaripetesolutions 0

Soon – I Has A Hotdog – Dog Pictures – Funny pictures of dogs – Dog Memes – Puppy pictures – doge I Has A Hotdog Channels Cheezburger Channels Share Tweet Stumble Pin It Email […]


LURVIG Pet Collection from IKEA

October 13, 2017 guaripetesolutions 0

Just when I was starting to think I was going to have to learn how to pray in Swedish, just like that my prayers have been answered: IKEA has finally released a new pet collection! […]


Organized Crime

October 12, 2017 guaripetesolutions 0

My animals are evil geniuses and are always plotting how to infiltrate the kitchen somehow.Scout, my cat, who quite frankly is the master mind, jumped the counter, pushing all the baked cookies on the floor. […]