Stuff You Should Be Knitting: Color

Spring is officially here and it’s time for another edition of Stuff You Should Be Knitting where we link to some awesome free patterns on the interwebs.

For me, spring is an excuse to bust out all the colored yarns and work on some bright, happy projects.

If you like to knit with color, then Stephen West is the designer for you. His projects are a little on the wild side and totally addictive to knit. If you’re not ready to buy a pattern for one of his crazier designs like The Doodler, then check out this free shawl, Metalouse.

This is an intermediate level top-down shawl that uses Noro yarn to create stripes that pop.

A close up of a model's shoulder, draped in the Metalouse shawl.

One of the easiest places to incorporate color into your knitting is socks. Sock yarn comes in amazing, gorgeous colorways. For example:

Nerd Girl’s Bounce and Stomp sock yarn in Back from Earth.

A skein of yarn in pink, orange, purple and teal.

Equally gorgeous is Sweet Georgia Yarn’s Tough Love Sock in Hummingbird:

A skein of yarn in vibrant green, purple and pink

Once you have some gorgeous sock yarn, you need a pattern. My two favorite sock patterns are Skew by Lana Holden and A Nice Ribbed Sock by Glenna C.

Skew works best on circular needles, and creates a really amazing swirled pattern when using variegated yarn. It’s not the best project for a first time sock knitter. But don’t worry! I do have an easier sock pattern that works well on DPNs.

A close up on a pair of green and purple socks with a swirling pattern.

A Nice Ribbed Sock is a very easy pattern for the beginning sock knitter. It works well on DPNs and has enough stretch that it’s pretty versatile. It’s my go-to TV knitting sock pattern. I made a pair of these on the plane to RT last year and I love them!

A close up on a pair of pink and purple ribbed socks.

And because we’re a site all about book-love, I’d be totally remiss not to mention Hermione’s Everyday Socks.  You could even knit them up in this Harry Potter inspired yarn: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans!

A colorful sock with a slightly bumpy texture.

Love colorful yarn but prefer a crochet hook to knitting needles? No problem! I am here for you!

Crochet lends itself to creating projects with more structure, and check out this adorable purse!

The Jersey Purse is crocheted with soft jersey tee-shirt fabric. Add some cute handles and you’re good to go!

A rectangular shaped purse with a bamboo handle and button enclosure.

Where I live, spring weather is pretty variable. Some days I have the heater on in my car when I leave for work and the AC on when I go home. It’s always nice to have layering pieces in weather like that.

I’m a pretty big fan of making shawls, and this Treble Fantasy shawl by Michele DuNaier is gorgeous!

A lacey crescent shaped shawl.

Something like this would really work well in an ombre yarn, and I’m totally bummed that I don’t crochet because I have some Freia Fiber that would look great in this pattern. Check out this colorway,  Aurora.

A cake of gradiant yarn that transistions from deep blue to pale green.

The last pattern I have is Sanibella, another lacey spring shawl that comes with video tutorials. I would love to see this crocheted in a Noro Taiyo Sport weight.

A smiling woman holds up a large, lacey triangluar shawl crocheted in pink, blue, red and yellow.

A shawl like this would be great for a spring or summer wedding.

Right now I’m finishing up an Ashburn by Melanie Berg and then I plan to get a start on my Rhinebeck sweater.

What’s on your needles (or hook)?

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