Sprint will announce an Unlimited 55+ plan on May 18 to compete with T-Mobile, offers 2 lines for $70

Sprint will soon unveil a plan targeted at people aged 55 years and up, a source familiar with the matter has revealed to Android Police. The plan will rival T-Mobile’s recent and identically named Unlimited 55+ plan, which allows individuals who are 55 or older to get two unlimited lines for just $70 — something that would cost $120 on T-Mobile’s regular ONE plan. Sprint’s offering is better than a regular plan, and it now matches T-Mobile’s pricing, even though T-Mobile initially offered two lines for just $60.

Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ plan comes with some nice perks. In addition to unlimited talk, text, and data, the plan includes unlimited mobile hotpot and Sprint’s Global Roaming service, which lets users text and use data at 2G speeds internationally and for no additional charge in 185 countries. Of course, and as is usual with all ‘unlimited’ plans these days, there are also a handful of limits. For one, data deprioritization can occur during congestion, and there are a few speed caps based on on type of content: video streams in 480p, music streaming is capped at 500 kbps, and gaming streams can only go up to 5 Mbps. Additionally, mobile hotspot usage can only reach 3G speeds, and international roaming data usage is limited to 100 MB at 2G speeds.

While Sprint’s new plan is certainly better than its usual plan, which offers one line for $60 and two lines for $100, it doesn’t seem to beat T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ in almost any measurable way. T-Mobile’s plan was initially $10 cheaper for 2 lines, but pricing has since increased to $70 to match what Sprint offers, so there’s no incentive to switch based on price. Sprint seems to be aware of the fact: in an internal document, Sprint claims their plan saves money over Verizon and AT&T, conspicuously leaving out T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s roaming service is arguably a better deal than Sprint’s, since it offers unlimited data at 128 kbps instead of 100 MB at 50 kpbs (Sprint’s Global roaming is available in more regions, though: 185 compared to T-Mobile’s 140+).

At the end of the day, this plan likely won’t appeal to any T-Mobile customers who are already satisfied with what they already have. However, for customers over 55 who live in an area where Sprint has better coverage than T-Mobile, saving $10 to $30 each month — or more, if they’re coming from Verizon or AT&T — will definitely be a welcome deal.