We have a book for our first quarter Smart Podcast Book Club!

As I said back in January, I asked the Patreon community to suggest titles, and this one smacked me right between the eyes.

This recommendation is pretty tough to resist. I mean, read this:

“Sci-fi romance recommendations are often being requested across the Bitchery and this is my absolute favourite series in that genre by one of my all time favourite authors (Lindsay Buroker writing as Ruby Lionsdrake).

It has a brilliant heroine heading up a team of accomplished women who are starting up a new business in alien poop (yes, poop) and group of rag tag mercenaries lead by a big, broody Captain who actually uses his brain before listening to his peen! It’s hot, action packed and funny which is the holy trio of romance for me. I hope you enjoy it!”

ALIEN POOP, SCIENCE, and BROODING. This is going to be fun, especially because sci-fi romance is not a genre I read a lot of, and I’m very excited to try it.

Here are ALL the details:

Mercenary Instinct
A | BN

Skulking around in the ruins on a planet swarming with treasure hunters, slavers, and bounty hunters isn’t good for one’s health. But Ankari Markovich needs a few archaeological samples for her latest business venture, a venture that might prove lucrative enough to move her family off the impoverished planet where she grew up. Unfortunately, she has no sooner collected her samples than she’s captured by a band of brawny mercenaries. The captain might be handsome, but he’s intent on turning her over to some finance lord who has, for reasons unknown, put a bounty on her head, a ridiculously large one at that. If she can’t figure out a way to escape before she’s delivered to the lord’s home world, she could be forced into a life of indentured servitude—or worse.

Captain Viktor Mandrake doesn’t usually take on piddling bounty hunting gigs, but when his intelligence officer informs him of a criminal on a nearby planet, he decides it wouldn’t hurt to take a shuttle down to collect the woman. But Ankari Markovich is trouble from the start, nearly eluding his elite forces, then fighting and tricking his people left and right. He finds himself admiring her spirit, but according to her warrant, she’s a criminal. The safest thing is to keep her in the brig and ignore her until she can be handed off to the man who wants her.

But the situation grows more complicated when other bounty hunters show up, wanting to claim Ankari for themselves. Thanks to this woman, Viktor’s ship is in danger, his crew members are going missing, and he’s fighting enemies he never asked for in a jungle in the middle of a hurricane. He’s either going to strangle Ankari… or fall in love. Either scenario could get him killed.

“Oh, this sounds so cool. How do I participate?”

Easy! Find yourself a copy of the book and read it. We here at Bitchery HQ are going to read the book, and record an episode talking about it. That episode will air on March 22, 2019. If you’d like to read along with us on that schedule, you’ll be able to listen in on our discussion. And if you prefer to read, there will absolutely be a transcript of the episode, as there is for each podcast episode!

AND, if you want to share your response, you can email or leave us a voicemail at +1 201 371 3272. Please do so prior to March 12! I can’t guarantee that every message or email will be included, but we want to hear from you if you’ve got opinions – and I’m sure that you do!

“How do I help select next quarter’s book?”

Easy, part deux! If you’d like to join the Patreon and suggest what we should read for the book club each quarter, have a look at our Patreon and join the community. The form is open to all tiers of the Patreon community, and I’ll post a new submission form each quarter.

“I have questions! Many questions!”

The answer is: blue! Kidding. Email me or leave a comment below!

I hope you enjoy this book, and our multimedia book club. Talk, listen, and read soon!

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