Sean Kelly at Caffe Lena – Albany Times Union

Sean Kelly first tasted musical success with The Samples, a band that took its name from the grocery store food samples that helped sustain them in Boulder, Colo., where they got their start 25 years ago. According to the band’s website, “There have been many members of The Samples, but Sean Kelly has been the consistent factor throughout all of the changes.” Kelly grew up in Vermont but migrated west in the 1980s. The Samples developed a strong college following with a sound that initially — their debut album came out in 1989 — drew heavily from reggae, pop and rock. The group’s most-recent album, “America,” came out in 2014. In an interview that year, Kelly remarked on the group’s sonic evolution, saying, “It’s not so much about a sound, it’s more of a concept. I was watching a ‘Saturday Night Live’ documentary on TV the other day and it made me think that the Samples is kind of like ‘SNL.’ There have been good and bad years and changing casts.” A pretty reasonable summary of a long-running creative endeavor, yes? While the latest edition of The Samples will be touring the Northeast (and elsewhere) in a few weeks, this will be a Kelly solo show. The band’s website offers, ahem, a sample of songs (“Little Silver Ring,” “Feel Us Shaking,” “Wild River”) that will be familiar to fans and serve as an introduction to newcomers.

7 p.m. Thursday. $28. Caffe Lena, 47 Phila St., Saratoga Springs. 583-0022.

— Joseph Stalvey



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