Save big on great wine and spirits with this 11.11 deal

November 11 in China is known as Singles Day, an occasion for people to celebrate their single status or the single digit of their bank account balance, due to all the massive sales that take place on that day. Now you can cheers to both with BottlesXO’s 11.11 deal, with huge discounts on a range of bottles.

On Sunday, the online alcohol retailer is offering up to 50 percent off wines, spirits, and beer, from Bordeaux Grand Cru to a locally made gin. Check out below for a glimpse at what will be on sale.

Every discounted bottle comes with a countdown on that day, and once that countdown reaches zero, the item goes back to full price. So move fast to get what you want.

The deal is open to everyone in China via BottlesXO’s app, so even if you’re not in Shanghai or Suzhou, just order through their app and they’ll send you the bottles via courier. Get ready for BottlesXO’s 11.11 promotion by scanning the QR code below and downloading the app.

Scan QR code to download the BottlesXO app ▼


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