Salmon Creek Café is back–and better—in Burien

Kim ran High 5 Pie in the location for a couple of months but she felt that the neighborhood was begging for a different concept. 

“A lot of old customers were coming in and telling me about Geno’s,” she said. ‘They made great sandwiches and baked bread.”

She felt called to do something more in-line with the original café but did not have the culinary experience to make the leap. 

Luckily, chef AnnaBicknell arrived right in time. 

Bicknellhad actually started her career at High 5 in Capitol Hill and was a natural fit for the new location. 

When Kim started talking to Bicknell about switching up the menu, the chef agreed.

“Our business plan changed slightly,” Kim said. “This is not a place for a high-end bakery. What we needed was a great chef. We wanted to create a neighborhood gathering spot.”

She said that Bicknell was the ideal candidate for the transformation. 

Bicknell started as kitchen manager at High 5. Then she went on to build her career as a chef. 

She agreed that the restaurant would benefit from a more extensive menu. 

“Not everyone wants pie all the time,” she said. “To sustain our business, we needed other options. Now, we still have pie, but we also have everything else. We have the best of both worlds.” 

Bicknell said biscuits and gravy and egg sandwiches are popular breakfast items. At lunch, there are salads, sandwiches and soups, as well as quiche, chicken pot pie, and pasta on the menu. 

The supper club on weekends will feature alternating items. One of the first served up a prime rib dinner. The specials will be shared on social media prior to each event. 

“We’ve had a good response,” she said. “But some people still don’t know we’re here.”

Bicknell hopes Salmon Creek Café will become a popular local option.

“We’re creating something for the neighborhood,” Kim added. “I like what’s happening in this place. It’s changing.”

She believes with some hard work, dedication and a team of talent, anything is possible. 

“You see what goes into this and you can’t help but fall in love,” she said. “And you want to share that with people.”

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