Ryley Walker Will Release a Dave Matthews Band Covers Album

Ryley Walker is neither the hero we need nor the hero we deserve, but he’s a hero of sorts anyway. The merry prankster of experimental music announced today that he’ll release a new full-length called The Lillywhite Sessions on November 16 via Dead Oceans. It’s a track-for-track cover of the Dave Matthews Band’s scrapped-but-much-bootlegged album of the same name, and you can hear one of the songs from the record, “Busted Stuff,” below.

The track comes via Stereogum, who interviewed Walker about the project and inevitably ended up with two dozen-or-so vivid quotes about DMB’s under-appreciated genius. “This record is just an extension of what I was doing in middle school, when I’d drink a gallon of milk and barf it up at the lunch table,” he said. “I like reaction. I like not doing what’s fun or cool. I have no shame in being a total idiot and poking fun at the rest of the world.”

Unfortunately for Walker, the only truly shocking thing for him to do now would be a full LP of Leonard Cohen covers.

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