Romance on The 1A, Today at 11am ET!

The 1A logo with 1A in the upper corner of an American flag instead of the field of stars, with stripes filling in the rest of the space. At the base it says WAMU and NPR - also, hi screen reading folks hope you're having a great dayHeads up! Today, 13 September at 11am EDT, The 1A will be doing a long segment on romance fiction!

“Just Can’t Help Falling in Love…With Romance Novels” will begin at 11, and will feature Alisha Rai, Leah Koch from The Ripped Bodice, Alexandra Alter from the Times, Alyssa Cole, and me.

It’s live radio, too, so you’ll get to hear me when I’m extra nervous and trying to keep my cool.

You can tune in on, and the show is also broadcast on a number of NPR stations across the US.

Now I will begin taking deep breaths and hoping I don’t sneeze into the mic or something equally embarrassing.


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