Wanna write for us? Read on!

We are looking to expand our coverage of romance titles, as the number of titles published grows hourly. There were probably fourteen-sixty-hundred new books published in the time it took to write this sentence. So, it’s time to bring on more reviewers!

We are in particular focused on including more marginalized voices and perspectives, and encourage you to apply if you’re interested.


Reviewers must be able and willing to write critical and thoughtful reviews of primarily romance fiction. We are open to reviews of titles which include romantic elements or may be of particular interest to romance readers, but we focus on romance fiction.

A critical review is one that is not merely praise or a summary of the plot. A critical review can discuss what one liked about a book and why, and the opposite – what didn’t work and why. The text of the review can be serious or silly or a balance of both.

We are looking for readers and writers who are deeply familiar with the romance genre, if not fluent in most aspects of it.


We will work with your availability as we establish a minimum monthly review contribution target.

Your reviews will be edited before publication.

You will be paid for your reviews at a rate of $40 per review published.

Additional opportunities to participate in site content such as Cover Snark or group discussions will be available if you’re interested.

To Apply:

Please fill out this form with your information and sample reviews for us to evaluate.

We’re looking for review samples that highlight your writing skills, your critical perspective, and your ability to explain your position on a book in a way that can help another reader make an informed choice, with the added bonus of providing entertainment and thoughtful examination.

Applications will close on Saturday, May 11, 2019. We will be in touch if we are interested in following up with you personally.

Interested? Got questions?

You can ask in the comments or email me directly.

I’m looking forward to working with you as we continue to connect romance readers with one another, and with many more of the books we all want to read!

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