The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old bookTime for the most evil recommendation feature we have: READY, SET, GO!

Here are the rules:

We pick a specific sub-genre, trope, or type of romance, and we have to make ONE recommendation for that type.



And no more than two sentences as to why.

Yes, just one.  Which one book do you pick to fill that rec?

What is the most hilarious romance you’d recommend? 

Any genre, but just one rec.

Ready, set, GO!

Catherine: You are so mean limiting me to just one for this book type! I’m going to say Headliners by Lucy Parker, because I was still giggling and reading bits aloud to my husband on my third read through. I don’t know how she does physical comedy that well (and I don’t even go for physical comedy that much), but she is magnificent. And the snark is fantastic.

Sarah: You know I’m holding off on naming one so I don’t steal someone else’s! And yes, only one is mean and the whole point of this terrible, awful, mean exercise, mwahahaha.

Tara: Oh, goddammit.

I have two that make me laugh equally hard and now I will feel guilty for only choosing one and not the other. But I’m going to have to go with Mrs Martin’s Incomparable Adventure by Courtney Milan. I laughed so hard I was weeping a few times. And it was all due to the ways the two characters were torturing Mrs. Martin’s nephew. Some of them were so absurd, yet diabolical. I kept saying “no…” to myself, only to learn that, oh yes, that weird, hilarious thing was really happening.

Elyse: When a Scott Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare.

Aarya: Mia Sosa’s The Worst Best Man is a recent release. The heroine’s inner monologue is very sarcastic and punny; since MY inner monologue (and outer monologue to be honest) is very sarcastic and punny, the meld of cynicism, hijinks, and biting humor really worked for me.

Claudia: The book that made me laugh out loud in more than one occasion is A Week to Be Wicked, by Tessa Dare. The most hilarious part is the hero making up a country, and people going oohs and aaahs when hero and heroine are nobles from that country.

Amanda: I’m seconding both Dare recs because they’re amazing! My own personal pick and since I didn’t want to double up is The Blacksmith Queen by GA Aiken.

It’s so goofy and over the top and every time I think of Keeley giving belly rubs to an ancient wolf god, I cackle.

Carrie: Not a romance but: Maskerade by Terry Pratchett. ( A | BN | K | AB ) Everyone has a favorite Discworld book, and this riff on musicals, opera, finding yourself, witchcraft, and The Phantom of the Opera is mine. I laugh out loud with every single page!

If we are sticking to romance: What Happens in London, by Julia Quinn. Her best work. The origin of Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron. A gem.

Catherine: Oh yes, I was tossing up on some of the Julia Quinns!

Ellen: My pick is Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn. The heroine is a superheroine’s assistant in the fight against inter-dimensional demons but the demons possess things like cupcakes so you have rabid angry bitey cupcakes. There’s a high ridiculous factor and a lot of just absurd situational humor (plus a strong romantic subplot!)

Catherine: I loved the rabid cupcakes. It was just, oh yes, I’m definitely going to like this book.

Maya: Jumping on the Tessa Dare train and saying Lord Dashwood Missed Out (with a special shoutout to the audiobook)!! It’s about a woman who got trashed on champagne and wrote a pamphlet that tells her childhood sweetheart, who rejected her because his love for her was TOO DEEP, exactly how trifling he is.

AJ: The opening scene of Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Philips never fails to make me giggle. The beaver suit!

Sneezy: A Big Surprise for Valentines’s Day by Jackie Lau.

Amber and her brother’s childhood friend decide to be fwb. Drunk grandma trying to make Amber a ‘hot piece of ass’ included among other funny bones.

Aarya: The meddling grandparents are so funny in this series.

Sneezy: Hahahahaa and Ah Mah trying to mimic grinding

Amanda: I love a good grandma. The grandma in Chloe Brown was the highly of our local book club discussion, I think, right, Kiki?

Aarya: Same with Rebel Hard by Nalini Singh. I really like immigrant grandmas but all grandmas are superior.

OK, your turn! What about you? What romance Cracks You Up? What book made you laugh to ridiculous levels? Give us your one (ONE) recommendation for the Best, Funniest, Most Hilarious Romance. 

Ready, Set, Go!