Prynt Pocket Makes the Instant Print Camera System for iPhone Even Better

The special Zink paper requires no ink and just needs a single pass on the Prynt case. Ironically, started out of Polaroid itself, the company’s paper is activated by special thermal technology.

Prynt says that the Zink technology provides long lasting prints that won’t tear or smudge after being printed. And the prints do seem like they will hold up with time.

As a cool bonus, each print can also be turned into a sticker by simply peeling off the adhesive back from each photo. You can snag a 40-pack of paper from Amazon, each print is still $.50 each. So printing out photos for the whole family could quickly turn into a costly affair.

Before you actually print, there are a number of different editing options found in the usual photo app. Anyone connected in the Adobe ecosystem should be glad to know that you can sign in or create an account to sync photo editing supplies to Creative Cloud. There is a boatload of different filters along with the ability to draw on the image, add text, and even create your own meme.

After printing, the photo appears in around 30 seconds and is ready to go. No shaking required.

As for print quality, don’t expect perfection. Lighter areas of photos were usually blown out own and darker parts were difficult to see in the final product. There were also a number of areas with somewhat noticeable streaks and other artifacts. But for me, that’s part of the retro charm of the system.

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