Prez P And Billy Blue’s “Going Places” Is A Melodious Jam For Late Nights

North Miami’s Prez P and Billy Blue arrive with a new video for their syrupy cut, “Going Places.” In and out of late night scenes, the MCs kick back with sticky cadences over a smooth instrumental. Blue enters the frame first, coating the track with his warm timbre and southern drawl. Prez P’s mellow with his flow as he hangs with his co-star and company.

“The song proves the saying, ‘It’s not where you been it’s where you’re going,'” Prez P told The FADER over email. “The line ‘The youngins from where I’m from they think you’re on wit a pocket full of money and a rollie on ya arm,’ expressing how easily blinded the youth can be when identifying someone who looks successful rather than someone who truly is.”

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