Out out damned ads! Seven AdClear rules.

As we’re nearing the re-enabling of advertising on Pocketables I thought it might be a good time to highlight an advertising blocking application you can use that really doesn’t suck.

AdClear acts as a VPN and can remove most advertising from your games, browsing experiences, and apps. If you’ve ever wanted to try out a game on Google Play and dealt with screen after screen of advertising as you tried to decide whether you wanted to plunk down $4 on a game, this is for you.

It’s not in the Play Store however, and getting it set up is not as intuitive as you might think, especially if you’re color blind and can’t see the difference between black and red in teeny-tiny type.

And of course not being in the play store you never know for sure that you’re not installing a new and interesting hacking tool, not that the play store stopped all that many of them lately did it?

The install is pretty simple, head over to the Seven website, download, allow installs, install the certificate if you want https advertisements to be blocked as well, connect to the VPN (served locally it appears,) discover advertising is still there, go into the VPN settings, choose manage apps, and choose the apps you don’t want to have ads.

Red = ad blocked, black = not ad blocked, and as a colorblind guy lemme tell you it’s difficult…

Keep in mind developers and sites pay themselves with advertising since people simply don’t support content, won’t buy inexpensive games in enough quantity to outpace the $0.003 per ad people get, and as such if you like it make sure you pay for it later or it’ll all be gone some day.

You can turn off the ad blocker just by disconnecting the VPN.

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