Nicki Minaj Gave Her Twitter Followers Money For College

What started as a tweetstorm about Nicki Minaj’s video challenge quickly turned into a giveaway for her Twitter followers who are attending school. After one Twitter user responded that instead of the grand prize of meeting Nicki Minaj, if she could instead have her college tuition paid, Nicki Minaj told her followers if she could verify that they were in school, she would help them. Tweets began to flood in, and Nicki told several people to DM her their bank account info so she could help them with the cost of books, tuition, and student loan debt.

Just before midnight, Minaj signed off, after telling at least 20 people that she would assist them with their education costs. Her tweet also mentioned that she would try to do something similar in a month or two. You can watch the story unfold below and see the full exchanges here.

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