New Yorkers starved for sleep but not coffee, poll finds

Only 24 percent of New Yorkers get an average of eight hours or more sleep each night which might explain why many say they need coffee to start each day.

That information is part the results of a survey the Siena College Research Institute released on Wednesday.

The poll found that 48 percent of New Yorkers get no more than six hours of sleep – double the number who say they get eight or more. Sleep experts often suggest eight hours of sleep is an optimal amount for an adult.

Coffee is consumed by 62 percent of New Yorkers and 48 percent say they must have a coffee fix each morning.

“Older New Yorkers are more likely to get eight hours of beauty rest than younger residents. Residents between thirty-five and forty-nine and those with kids in the home are less likely to enjoy that full night’s sleep,” poll director Don Levy said.

“And we’re drinking a lot of coffee. Over six in ten start their day with a cup at least some days with over forty percent having a cup every day. And of coffee drinkers, sixty percent have more than one cup a day.”

The poll found that 58 percent check their social media accounts, text messages and email within an hour of waking up. Twenty-two percent check immediately after opening their eyes.

Three quarters of New Yorkers check those accounts at least once a day.

Here are some other findings from the poll:

• 70 percent say they laugh out loud at least once a day.

• 62 percent think about money every day.

• 51 percent floss every day and 15 percent never floss.

• 29 percent exercise for at least 30 minutes.


The poll was conducted between March 1 and March 29. Siena polled 802 New York adults on landlines and cellphones.


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