My “The Complete Windows 10 Privacy Guide” book is out

I like to challenge myself when it comes to things I like, and one of the things that I always wanted to do in that regard was to write a book.

Now, writing a book is a daunting task and I was never sure if I had the willpower to do so. I began writing a privacy guide for Windows 10 months ago; first by creating a structure for the book, and then filling that structure with content, and revisiting everything to add, edit and remove content in the process. Since I wanted it to be ready for Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update, I also had to rewrite entire sections of the book as Microsoft made changes to that version of Windows 10.

I completed “The Complete Windows 10 Privacy Guide” in early October, and published it via Amazon’s Createspace service, and on Amazon, as a paperback and Kindle ebook.

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The book is designed to offer a complete overview of privacy when it comes to Windows 10, and it is helpful for home users and IT admins. It covers telemetry, Microsoft’s position on privacy, setup, after setup configuration, Group Policy entries, Registry keys, information on individual features, a big resource section, and a lot more.

It took a long time to collect, test, and verify the information. First, because it covers a huge list of Registry keys, Group Policy Settings, Windows Settings and more that I needed to verify to match the Fall Creators Update that Microsoft will release today, and also because there is little to virtually no documentation on some settings, keys, Windows services or tasks.

I tried getting answers from Microsoft, and while I managed to talk to a PR rep, nothing came out of it unfortunately.

Here are the links to the book: (use the code FW27Q8FG on Createspace for a 25% discount on the purchase)

If you don’t use, you need to change the domain extension to go to the local store. I appreciate any positive review on Amazon as it will help giving the book more exposure.

You can purchase the ebook version (in color format) directly from me as well. I only accept PayPal at the time of writing though. Send me $6 (or more if you want to tip or donate), and I send you the book to the PayPal email address (or another if you let me know). Note that the book as a size of 12 Megabytes.

You can preview the book on Amazon; here is a top level overview of the table of contents:

  • Foreword
  • What Microsoft says about Privacy and Windows 10
  • Privacy Options during Setup
  • 5-Minute Privacy Configuration
  • Configuring Privacy Settings after Setup
  • Quick Overview: Differences between Windows 10 editions
  • Important information about tools used in this guide
  • Telemetry (What is, levels, configuration, business and enterprise options)
  • Settings for Windows 10
  • Windows Features
  • Windows Services
  • Windows Tasks
  • Office Telemetry
  • Annoyances
  • Software
  • Resources
  • Index

I’d like to thank Woody Leonhard and Günter Born specifically as they offered assistance and advise. They have this to say about the book:

“Privacy has never been an easy topic and Windows privacy draws attacks from all sides. That’s why it’s more important now than ever to understand exactly what Windows does with your information – and what you can do to reduce the snooping, while keeping the features that you really want. Brinkmann’s book is a watershed event in documenting Windows privacy settings, with in-depth information you won’t find anywhere else.” (Woody)

“The book contains the most complete Registry entries and group policy collection about Windows 10 privacy I’ve seen so far …” (Günter Born)

If you have any questions about the book, or the process of writing your own book, let me know and I get back to you asap.


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I completed “The Complete Windows 10 Privacy Guide” in early October, and published it via Amazon’s Createspace service, and on Amazon, as a paperback and ebook.


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