Moses Sumney Remembers Old Lovers on New Track, “Indulge”

Love and romance usually confuse the hell out of all people who have ever tried their hand at them. It will likely confuse all other humans who dare to take part in the future. Luckily for us living humans, and those to come, artists like LA’s Moses Sumney are here trying to make sense of love so we can maybe have a better understanding of it. That would explain why his forthcoming debut album, Aromanticism, will largely be focused on challenging romance as a social construct. Today, Sumney released another song from the album titled “Indulge Me,” an airy tune in which he sings “All my old lovers have found others/ I was lost in the rapture.” The song follows his single “Doomed,” which was released in June. Aromanticism arrives on September 22 via Jagjaguwar. Watch the video above.

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