Migrate Windows users with User Profile Wizard

User Profile Wizard is a software for Microsoft Windows devices to migrate user accounts from one machine to another.

The program is offered as a free for personal-use version, and the paid professional edition and Enterprise edition.

The free edition supports the migration of user profiles, deleting or disabling local accounts, network migration, joining computers to all Windows domains, or joining a workgroup.

Professional and Enterprise editions support additional features; the professional version options to save migration configurations, adding computers to Active Directory Containers, or options to rename the profile folder or computer.

The Enterprise edition supports migration of all profiles in one operations, support for VPN connections, full automation with custom script support, and the renaming or copying of profiles.

In this review, I’ll be looking at the free version of User Profile Wizard.

Migrate Windows users

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User Profile Wizard is compatible with all versions of Windows starting with Windows XP. The program needs to be installed on the target machine before it can be used.

The main feature of the free version is to migrate a user profile to another account to keep data and preferences.

It displays the list of user profiles on start; each user profile is listed with its name and profile path. Options to show unassigned user profiles, and to disable or delete the selected account are provided. Unassigned profiles are profiles created by Windows when there are issues with existing profiles.

Note: The data is migrated to existing accounts only. If you want to start with a new profile, you need to create it first on the device to select it later.

You are asked to select an account name for the migration and need to select a domain or the local computer name. The program does not list existing account names on the system; you need to look them up elsewhere to pick the right account for the migration

migrate user profile

You may set the new profile as the default logon on the system.

The migration starts directly afterward. User Profile Wizard displays the progress in a log in the program interface; it may take some time to migrate Registry keys, user data, and other data to the selected profile.


Attention: the program initiates a restart of the system after successful migration of a user profile. I did not find an option to prevent the restart from happening (after ten seconds). Make sure that you closed programs and saved data before you end the application.

Closing words

User Profile Wizard is a useful administrative Windows tool to migrate one user profile to another. Home users may use it to migrate data from an old profile to a new one among other things.

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