Microsoft Edge shows two search bars (bug)

Reports are coming in that Microsoft Edge started to show two search bars instead of one search bar on the browser’s new tab page.

Windows 10 users who run Microsoft Edge on the operating system may get two search bars on the New Tab page after installing the recent updates.

Systems affected by this display the regular search bar at the top, and below that a Bing search bar. Some users report that this happens even if Bing is set as the default web browser, as searches that users run in either search bar lead to Bing search results being loaded in the web browser.

Some users reported that switching the default search engine to Bing fixes the issue, while others that this did not fix the issue.

microsoft edge double search bar

Microsoft has not confirmed the bug yet. Some users suspected this to be “foul play” by Microsoft, by pushing Bing Search to the search page so that Edge users are exposed to Bing Search.

The most likely explanation is that it is a bug however. The top sites thumbnails listed below the second search box are cut off at the top indicating that something is wrong on that page.

The issue occurs both on stable versions of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Insider Builds as well. One option that users have is to set the page to display a blank page instead for instance

Here are some reports on the issue:

You can see there is an extra search bar in the new tab window. I have no idea where it came from, as it was not there yesterday, and I have definitely not installed anything since. (I think Windows did an update tho).

The search bar takes me to Bing, for some reason. The photo next to it is my Windows account photo. Any idea how I can begin to trouble shoot this, or better yet, remove it?

Popped on for me too.
I had to disable top sites and news completely.
I did enjoy the news feature but I guess MS has lost the few cents they used to get from the occasional ADs in the news feed too.

Yup, noticed it too. Was wondering if something was off my Edge since it was fine few days ago. Must’ve been an update.

Well I found a solution (temporary perhaps while MS fixes it) is to set the behavior of Opening New Tabs in Edge settings. Just set it to “Blank Page” and you won’t see the Bing bar anymore.

As you can see, a temporary fix for the issue is to change the page that Edge loads when the New Tab Page is opened to the blank page.

Now You: Have you noticed this issue on your machine?


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Microsoft Edge shows two search bars (bug)


Reports are coming in that Microsoft Edge started to show two search bars instead of one search bar on the browser’s new tab page.


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