Lindi Ortega On World Cafe

  • “The Comeback Kid”

Lindi Ortega‘s new release Liberty is a Spaghetti Western-style concept album. As she says, it’s based on the “idea of somebody who is traversing from the dark into the light and slaying a bunch of demons along the way.”

And while Lindi has not necessarily cast herself as the protagonist of Liberty‘s story, she is upfront about some of the demons she’s had to slay in order to make it. That includes her long battle with body dysmorphic disorder, which has led her to believe, at times, that she looked like a “Picasso painting on acid. We spoke about how that battle impacted her performing career and fashion choices.

The fact that Liberty exists at all represents a resurrection of sorts. Lindi’s last release was a swan song called “Final Bow” in which she declared she was quitting music, a career she’s worked at since 2001. Lindi shares what made her come back to the stage, and what made her leave her adopted home in Nashville to return to her actual home country, Canada. Listen to the conversation in the player.


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