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I have a sincere question. A little background: I like to walk. I walk for exercise and often combine it with errands. This morning I was passing the Starbucks on The Esplanade. I noted that the drive-through line was even a bit longer than normal so I paused and counted the cars — 14 of them.

I then stepped to the door and looked inside. Absolutely nobody was in line at the counter. Any of the people in those cars could have been served far fasted by parking and walking in but they were all choosing to sit cocooned in their automobile rather than walking inside.

I’ll ignore the fact that you could invest $20 in a French press, make better coffee at home, invest the difference in your retirement account and retire younger and richer. I won’t, however ignore the fact that cars are most polluting while at idle.

But, even if you don’t care about that, why would anyone sacrifice 20 minutes of their precious, irreplaceable lifespan to the aggravation of sitting in a slowly inching line of cars rather than simply parking and walking in?

Just to forestall the usual rationalizations, I saw no small children in any of the cars, nor were any handicapped placards or plates visible or any of the drivers very elderly. So again, those of you who daily make the choice to sit in that line: Why? How does it make your life better than if you parked and walked inside?

— David Welch, Chico


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