Letter: How will Duke address sexual harassment? – Duke Chronicle

We were delighted to see your April 11 article, “Duke joins higher education partnership to combat sexual harassment.” We find it ironic, however, that this appeared two days after The Chronicle published, “Nearly a decade apart, two women say professor sexually harassed them,” which outlined many of the shortcomings of how Duke has treated, and still treats, claims of sexual and other harassment. We are distressed that President Price has not yet answered letters of concern about these issues, including the public letter sent to him by Professor Jill Hicks-Keeton, the open letter of support for Professor Hicks-Keeton by her classmates who witnessed her abuse, or the public statements by Ms. Lara Haft concerning the inadequacy of institutional response to her experiences. We are gratified that Duke has joined this important initiative to combat sexual harassment, and look forward to participating actively in the practical steps that Duke will undertake to implement a true “atmosphere of inclusion.” Most importantly, we remain anxious to learn more about the concrete steps that will be taken to address issues in our Department and throughout the University, so that we might view joining this “higher education partnership” as more than window-dressing.

Marc Z. Brettler, Bernice and Morton Lerner Professor of Judaic Studies, professor of religious studies

Mark Goodacre, Frances Hill Fox Professor of Religious Studies

Jennifer W. Knust, professor of religious studies

Laura S. Lieber, Director of Center for Jewish Studies, professor of religious studies

David Morgan, Chair and professor of religious studies

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