Kanye West shares new haircut, says it is inspired by Emma González

In this round of Kanye West on Twitter, he has shared photos of a signed MAGA hat, released two new songs, requested a meeting with Tim Cooke, of Apple, and requested that we all turn to love instead of hate. It’s been a trip.


Late Saturday evening, Kanye shared that his hero was Emma González, one of the survivors of the Parkland School shooting who has become an outspoken national activist. He followed the tweet with a newly shaved head, which he said was “inspired by Emma.”

Following Kanye’s tweets, Emma posted a photo of James Shaw Jr., the man who wrestled a gun from the man who killed four people at a Waffle House last week. Shaw Jr. has raised over $183,000 to pay for the other victims’ funerals. Donald Trump has not yet acknowledged the actions of James Shaw Jr.

See the tweets above and below.