Just get a carbon monoxide detector ok?

Co-worker’s daycare had a CO (carbon monoxide) leak and evidently no functional CO detector. About 50 admitted to area hospitals yesterday due to this, friend’s kid in an overnight stay until o2 normalized, and hey, Carbon Monoxide detectors can be had as low as $13 on Amazon.

I’m not linking a detector, no dog in the game, just get a detector for your kid’s daycare if 1) it’s not mandated by state law, 2) they have gas heat/stove.

And one for your house if you’ve got any risk.

Seriously, initial symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and a kid coming down with a cold pretty much the same thing. A working detector was not in place.

I’ll link the story when they publish.

Also, update: I did in fact post this as a “CO2 detector” initially. I do know the difference, I did not evidently have the ability to tell the difference while writing and on the phone. My mistake.

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