Jason Isbell Responds To Republican Senatorial Committee Calling Him “Unhinged”

Jason Isbell doesn’t hide his political opinions. For example, last year he advised our horrifying Attorney General Jeff Sessions to smoke some weed. Tonight, the Americana singer-songwriter and Ben Folds will headline a rally in Nashville for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Phil Bredesen. The Republican Senatorial Committee think this is a bad move, criticizing Bedsen for working with the “unhinged left.” The National Republican Senatorial Committee shared a statement this morning citing Folds’ support of Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Primary and Isbell’s anti-Trump comments in a Rolling Stone interview from last year. The subject line of emailed statement was “Phony Phil partners with the unhinged left,” the Tennessean reports.

Isbell responded to the Tennessean’s coverage today in a tweet: “I’ve been in the paper a few times now, but this one is my favorite. This is one I’ll be proud to show my grandkids.” He later tweeted, “2 Unhinged 2 Quit.” Laura Zapata, Bredesen’s communications director shared a statement: “Jason Isbell is a champion for working men and women. Ben Folds is a leading advocate for arts education and he even played at the Republican National Convention…The swamp needs to spend less time worrying about these popular recording artists and more time looking into Marsha Blackburn’s ties to hate groups and Russian nationals, and her illegal coordination with dark-money groups in Washington.”

Here’s another charming reaction to Isbell’s “ugly ideology.”


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