On this edition of Your Call, we’ll speak with women artists who are responding to sexual harassment through performance, sculpture, and other art forms.

“Nevertheless,” a show that draws its name from the feminist rallying cry “nevertheless, she persisted,” combines song and dance, guerrilla installations, and comedy to call attention to gender-based harassment. The artists and performers draw on their own lived experiences to offer a cathartic reflection on everything from being told to smile to being followed home at night. How does creative expression challenge harassment?


Tanya Chianese, founder and Artistic Director of the performing arts ensemble ka-nei-see | collective

Allison Bouganim, sculptor and creator of Wax That Ass

Heather Arnett, director of Cat Call Choir

Web Resources:

Nevertheless trailer

Z Space: Nevertheless

Ka-nei-see | collecitve

Wax That Ass

Cat Call Choir

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