How to get the Apple Watch Nike+ Sport Band look for less!

Where can you find the Nike+ Sport Band look for your non-Nike+ Apple Watch? iMore’s got you covered!

Updated May, 2017: These are still our favorite bands for getting that sporty Nike+ look!

Apple Watch Nike+ is nigh-identical to the regular, aluminum Apple Watch Series 2. But its Sport Band is something else entirely. It’s got an awesome, wacky, octopus-y perforated design, in black, silver, gray, and vivid green that’s unlike any other band on the market.

Sadly, the Nike+ Sport Bands can’t be purchased separately, but there are some third party bands that will give you a similar look — and you can get them right now!

Here are the best options if you’re looking to get the Nike+ Spot Band look for less! ?

Ouluoqi Silicone Band with Holes

Oulouqi Band

Knockoffs are usually pretty easy to spot, but with this one it isn’t so easy. Available in four different colors, the Ouluoqi Apple Watch band does a fantastic job of replicating the Nike Band, but for way less!

If you don’t have the money to spend to replace your watch with a new one, this band will give you the look and feel you are after. It is made to fit all versions of the Apple Watch, and only comes in a size M/L.

You can order it in a black/gray combo, black/volt combo, silver/volt combo, and a silver/white combo, so you can pick the one that matches your style the best. Coming in at just under $10, you really can’t go wrong with picking up a few of the colors to have around.

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KOBWA Replacement Nike Band

Kowba band

Designed to fit both the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2, this KOBWA Replacement Nike Band is a perfect copy of the original – but for under $15!

Made from a lightweight, high-quality silicone, adjusting and tightening your Apple Watch is easy as ever thanks to the band’s multi-hole design. The soft flexible material makes it easy to wear your Apple Watch comfortably throughout the day, on a run, or at the gym.

The other awesome part about the KOBWA replacement band? Its colors! You can pick from green and black, black and yellow, black and gray, dark blue and mint green, red and black, pink and mint green, and so much more!

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Senter soft silicone replacement Series 2

Senter band

Highly-rated, comfortable, and darn near close to the real thing, this Senter soft silicone replacement for the Apple Watch Series 2 is another great option to keep in mind if you’re looking for that Nike+ style.

The Senter can be easily adjusted depending on your wrist size, just like the Nike+ band; unlike the Nike+ band, however, you have a ton of vibrant, bright colors to pick from!

For just under $20, you can pick up your futuristic accessory in azure/navy, black/grey, black/green, black/yellow, grey/green, grey/white, navy/white, pink/azure, purple/green, and red/black.

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Yearscase soft silicone bracelet


Many of these bands are only available for the 42mm versions of the Apple Watch, but this one comes in both a 38mm and 42mm size, so no one gets left out.

You’ll have less color options, with only the black/volt and black/grey configurations being available in each size, but according to the reviews, it is worth it for the quality that you’re getting here. From Jingyuan‘s Amazon review:

Looks and feels like the Apple Version, have no difference. Wears comfortable, Extremely nice watch band.

With more than 200 reviews the band sits at just barely under the 5-star mark. Priced at under $15, there is a whole lot of value here. If you are looking for a great band to match the look of the Nike version, this may be the one for you!

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What’s your pick?

Is there a third-party Apple Watch band you’ve found that fills the Nike+ band-shaped hole in your heart? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be sure to check it out!

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