Honest opinions on big brands wine (2) Yellow Tail Chardonnay

Wine critics rarely talk about the most popular wines. I thought it would be interesting to do a thorough, honest review of a range of big brand wines, so I went and bought 9 bottles from various supermarkets and tasted them on camera.

The second wine in this series is from Aussie giant Yellow Tail, and it’s their Chardonnay. Watch the video to see what I made of it, but if you haven’t got a few minutes spare, here’s my review below.

Yellow Tail Chardonnay 2018 Australia
13% alcohol
This starts out well, with nice peach and pear fruit, but then there’s this big hit of vanilla, that just builds on the palate. If you like vanilla, then this is just the Chardonnay for you, combining sweet fruit with a nice creamy vanilla character. For my palate, it’s too confected, but I think there’s definitely a target market for this, with its cream soda finish. 80/100


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