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Hi, everyone! As some of you may know, most of the SBTB team will be at the RT Booklovers Convention in Reno, myself included. I take my job as your discounted smut peddler very seriously and I’ve scheduled some Books on Sale posts ahead of time while we’re away. Unfortunately, some of these deals may have expired by the time the posts are published and I certainly apologize for getting anyone’s hopes up about a particular sale.

Additionally, if you see any books on sale that you want to recommend, we’d love for you to let us know in the comments. I’m including our affiliate-linked retailers below. If you’d like to shop through them, it helps out the site and we thank you so much. If not, no worries at all!

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  • Once More, My Darling Rogue

    Once More, My Darling Rogue by Lorraine Heath

    Once More, My Darling Rogue by Lorraine Heath is $2.99. This is book two in the Scandalous Gentlemen of St. James trilogy, and I believe the first book is also on sale! This book has a 3.8-star average, and readers who liked it say the whole series is terrific. However, some didn’t enjoy the characters as much as the ones in the first book.

    They are England’s most eligible bachelors, with the most scandalous reputations. But for the right woman, even an unrepentant rogue may mend his ways . . .

    Born to the street but raised within the aristocracy, Drake Darling can’t escape his sordid beginnings. Not when Lady Ophelia Lyttleton snubs him at every turn, a constant reminder he’s not truly one of them. But after rescuing her from a mysterious drowning, he realizes she doesn’t remember who she is. With plans to bring her to heel, he insists she’s his housekeeper—never expecting to fall for the charming beauty.

    While Ophelia might not recall her life before Drake, she has little doubt she belongs with him. The desire she feels for her dark, brooding employer can’t be denied, regardless of consequences. So when Ophelia’s memory returns, she is devastated by the depth of his betrayal. Now Drake must risk everything to prove she can trust this rogue with her heart once more.

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  • Shadowheart

    Shadowheart by Laura Kinsale

    Shadowheart by Laura Kinsale is 99c at Amazon! That may mean this deal is about to expire. This is the second book in the Medieval Hearts series. This book was a topic of discussion in a podcast episode with Emily Nagoski. Nagoski warns that there is rape in the romance novel, but says it does a wonderful job handling rage and shame. Definitely check out the podcast, or at least the transcript!

    A fatally dangerous man—and the woman who stands in the way of all he has ever desired . . . Beautiful and ruthless, the elegant assassin Allegreto will stop at nothing to regain his rightful place. And the perfect instrument has just fallen into his hands, in the lovely form of Lady Elena—the long‑lost princess of the land he intends to wrest back from his enemies.

    But she is no mere maiden to be possessed. Even as he forces her to bend to his will, in the heat of desire and fury Elena finds the hidden power in her own soul, a merciless passion and command that will bring her dark lover to his knees. Her mastery may destroy him . . . or build an unexpected future from the bitter ashes of his life and dreams.

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  • The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne

    The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne by Madeline Hunter

    The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne by Madeline Hunter is $2.99! This is the first book in the Fairbourne Quartet and I’m getting an enemies to lovers vibe from the description. However, readers warn that while they expected some verbal sparring, the overall romance felt rather boring. Have you read this one?

    A woman running a prestigious London auction house? Preposterous! But that is exactly what Emma Fairbourne intends to do when her father dies, leaving her the reins of this fabulous enterprise.  Of course, she is not addlepated enough to do this openly and scare away her wealthy collectors.  So she and her friend concoct a deception, hiring a handsome and charming front man who will do her bidding…

    All would have proceeded smoothly–if it weren’t for the maddening interference of Darius, the arrogant Earl of Southwaite, who has been her father’s “silent partner” and now shares ownership of Fairbourne’s.  An earl, of course, has no interest in running an auction house–and Darius is certainly not interested in allowing the lovely Miss Fairbourne to run it either, her ludicrous scheme notwithstanding.  Clearly the business must be sold.

    But the headstrong Emma is like no other lady he has ever encountered, refusing to follow his dictates. Holding his temper in check, Darius decides to attack on a different front.  There is another way to achieve her surrender, one far more pleasurable for both of them…

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  • A Cantata of Love

    A Cantata of Love by Jacki Delecki

    A Cantata of Love by Jacki Delecki is 99c! This is the fourth book in the Code Breakers series, but can be read as a standalone. This historical romance seems to have a lot of catnip: spies, a heroine disguised as a boy, the hero is injured and needs to be healed! But while there’s a lot of “grabby hands” elements to get excited about, there were a couple readers who thought it was too much.

    Napoleonic France is no place for an Englishman, especially Michael Harcourt, the Earl of Kendal, who is on a clandestine assignment for the Crown. Already injured and facing imminent discovery by Napoleon and Fouche’s men, Michael finds his escape made even more perilous when he is charged with the safety of a young boy who must be spirited out of Paris.

    Desperate to escape the terrible fate that awaits her if she remains in France, Lady Gabrielle De Valmont must disguise herself as a boy and rely on the cunning of a virtual stranger—an Englishman, no less—to smuggle her out of the country. When the Earl’s injury becomes severely infected, rendering him gravely ill, Gabrielle realizes it is now up to her to save them both.

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