Here’s the Brand-New Video for Afro B’s Huge Track “Drogba (Joanna)”

If you’ve used the internet recently (hi?!), then there’s a good chance you’ve seen the #DrogbaChallenge. If you haven’t, a re-cap. Earlier this year Afro B released a slammer of a single called “Drogba” and as part of it’s release, he challenged fans to an online dance competition. In short: fans sent in a video of themselves busting moves to the track accompanied by an emoji. Here’s an eleven-minute compilation so you can catch yourself up to speed.

Still, despite the track’s popularity, Afro B had yet to release his own video. For a start, the #DrogbaChallenge needed to be completed and a winner needed to be found. The prize?Performing the routine alongside Afro B in the visual. Today, the search is over. We have the video. Obviously it includes dancing. It’s also on a football pitch since, y’know, Didier Drogba—who the song is named after—is one of the top football dons of Africa, representing the Ivory Coast to the fullest. Check it out above and feel the vibes.

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