Here’s Future and Young Thug’s Snake-Filled Video for “Mink Flow”

If you are afraid of serpents, take solace in the fact that Future might be with you.

Future and Young Thug’s new video for “Mink Flow,” taken from last year’s hit-and-miss Super Slimey collaboration, is sleek, lavish, and adorned with the inevitable mink coats. There are, you’ll notice, a lot of snakes as well: large snakes, even larger snakes, a lady painted as a snake. But, as you watch the video at the top of the page, ask yourself if there’s a difference between Young Thug and Future’s attitudes towards the snakes. Watch how Thugger drapes himself in the serpents while Future… doesn’t. See how Thugger stands adorned with a boa constrictor while Future drifts around at a safe distance. And then wonder, as I am now wondering, how Future ended up making a video surrounded by animals that terrify him.

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