Help a website out here ok?

Not soliciting donations, although if you want feel free, but I’m looking for interesting things to write about and there’s been a dearth of them lately. Same for theITbaby, been like slightly incremental improvements that bore.

I mean Google IO was interesting and all, but there’s only so excited I’ve been able to get about a product many can’t say the name of without either pausing for breath or seriously wondering if they said it properly after it came out of their mouth.

The Google Home Hub Max Nest… or the Nest Google Home Hub Next Max, forget it…

Incremental updates or what the color of the speaker cloth on the next favorite phone just not my thing…

So, looking for new things to write about… hoping you’ll send a tip in and let me know as I don’t have a huge amount of free time to look for stuff and most of what people send in has historically been pretty good.

You’ll receive thanks and… um, that’s our budget… see something interesting, hit the contact us link or email me at Pocketables.


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