Handmade Luxury Dog Beds from The Houndry

The beds in a new collection from Georgia-based The Houndry fit wonderfully into a niche we’ve perhaps all recognized at some point – they’re well-designed and beautiful enough to be eye-catching without being room-dominating. For those who want something that’s not boring beige but also not straight off the train from Busytown, The Houndry’s beds are for you: with fabrics selected and curated by resident interior designer, Samantha, the beds are designed to work organically with your home’s decor rather than drawing undue attention or seeming like “an afterthought.” There’s lots of functionality packed into The Houndry’s beds, too: the vegan, eco-friendly fabric covers are made by Sunbrella and are removable and washable (even bleachable!), and the beds are filled with (recycled) orthopedic foam. Lounger, round, hugger, pillow – there’s a handmade bed from The Houndry to fit virtually every pup. Shop the full collection at The Houndry.


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