HaBO: Werewolf Hero Runs a Bar

This HaBO comes from Megan, who is looking for a paranormal romance series:

I’m looking for a paranormal shifter romance I read about a year ago. It was about werewolf brothers in a small town. I think the whole town may have been a pack?

It was a series, and the first book was about a woman who comes in and, desperate for work, ends up working as a waitress at the bar run by one of the brothers.

In the second book, one of the brothers is a sheriff that has been having a “friends with benefits” relationship with a woman, but refuses to be anything more. He believes in a vision someone told him about his true mate, and doesn’t believe this woman is it. Turns out, she was, but by that point she is over being treated like crap by him. This is the one I really want to find!

With all this, I still can’t figure it out! I cannot tell you how many Goodreads lists I have waded through, with no luck.

The first one sounds incredibly familiar to me, but I’m coming up with nothing.


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